A flurry of Christmas orders!

Proving very popular this year are Mrs. Day’s mini vanilla vodka Christmas cakes, mince pie cupcakes & for those of you who aren’t so keen on the fruit ‘n’ nut thing, the marvellous chocolate guinness cake (our customers’ favourite) – as cupcakes, mini Christmas cakes or the stunning large sharing cake – a last minute flurry of orders has me very busy this week!

Mince Pie Cupcake

Mince pie cupcakes with robin

More mince pie cupcakes...

Large chocolate guinness cake with amaryllis


Chocolate guinness cupcakes with gypsophila


Mini vanilla vodka Christmas cake with pine cone

Pine cone

Mini vanilla vodka Christmas cake with robin

Mini chocolate guinness Christmas cakes


Hope these have whetted your appetite for next year & a very Happy Christmas from GBTP!

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2 Responses to A flurry of Christmas orders!

  1. Julia Matso says:

    You made a chocolate and guinness cake for the wedding of our friends Karen and Peter on the 19th. It was absolutely fab, in fact I cannot remember the last time I had seconds of any cake, not being much of a cake eater. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  2. gbteaparty says:

    Thank you Julia; great to meet you at Mr & Mrs Walker’s wedding last weekend. We are so glad you enjoyed the Chocolate Guinness Cake, it seemed to go down well with all the guests!
    Toodle Pip!
    Allison & Steve

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